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September 7, 2021

8 Tips to Frustrate a Burglar

There is a home burglary in the US approximately every 15 seconds. If you look around your home today, you know that you have locks on the doors and windows, and you might even have lights on outside. Those are the top two things to frustrate burglars.  

But, we’d like to give you some more tips on how you can frustrate and deter a would-be-burglar. 

1. Don’t give an invitation. That might sound a little weird; who would invite a burglar? But many people unknowingly invite burglars into their homes. How? By advertising what they have. 

-When you purchase an item like a television, don’t put the empty box out with the trash. Tear the box up and put it in a trash bag, or flatten the box and recycle it. Putting it out with the trash is an invitation to a burglar. 

-Don’t leave items such as bicycles outside for everyone to see. The same goes for inside. Open your curtains or blinds and walk around the outside of your house. What do you see? This doesn’t mean you can’t have a television where others can see. But, it does mean you shouldn’t have several enticing items in plain view. Especially purses and billfolds. 

2. Don’t provide hiding places. Even if you leave lights on, hiding place provide a would-be-burglar with an opportunity. Take some time this week to trim tall bushes near windows and doors. Have a friend help you out by trying to hide behind one of the bushes. If that friend can hide, then you need to trim the bushes even more.  

3. Secure sliding glass doors with a metal rod or piece of plywood in the track. 

4. Use timers on lights and rotate the timers throughout the house to keep a possible burglar guessing whether or not you are home. 

5. If you are gone for several days, let a neighbor park in your driveway so it appears like your car is there. 

6. If you are gone for several days, don’t close all your drapes and blinds, as that is a sure sign you are gone. 

7. Put a security sign on your doors and windows. People don’t know if you actually have a security company, so it might discourage a possible burglar. 

8. Use motion detectors on outdoor lights. Houses with outdoor lights are targeted less often than houses without lights. 

How do these things frustrate a burglar? By making it harder for them to break in. Isn’t it worth your time to protect your property? 

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